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Built on December 25, 2019, is a place to post experience sharing articles from veteran programmers, a place to aggregate programming courses for everyone. ., the name is exactly what we aim for: Everyone can learn programming languages ​​by themselves.

The difference of

From the very beginning, was opened with a single orientation:

“Access new knowledge and share it with the community”

By sharing, helps connect people with the same passion. From there, creating a premise for successful technology startups and bringing practical values ​​to society.

Startup development starts from connecting passions

Free classes

Online learning on website is completely free.

Online learning in Ho Chi Minh is 100% free for people with disabilities.

Studying offline in Ho Chi Minh is 100% free, exclusively for those who have achieved achievements in the field of technology.

Nurturing talent with free classes

Commitment “Learning is work”

Learn to do real work

Full refund of tuition fee if after 60 days from the time the student completes the graduation project and 70% of the class assignments, they do not get a job. actively connects employers, students do not have to pay extra fees.

If students fail to pass the probationary period at a new company, will receive and re-train them completely free of charge until they get a job.

Join us is an open group, always ready to accept new members. Currently our executive team includes:

Veteran programmers join for the purpose of sharing experience after many years of accumulation.

Programmers who were once the best students trained by themselves.

Investors are waiting to support funding for technology startups.