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Append Meaning In Telugu? Top Answer Update

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Append Meaning

Append Meaning
Append Meaning

What is the synonym of append?

adjoin, fasten, affix, append (formal), subjoin.

What you mean by append?

/əˈpend/ us. /əˈpend/ to add something to the end of a piece of writing: The author appends a short footnote to the text explaining the point. Augmenting and supplementing.

What’s the opposite of append?

amputate, cut, excise, lop (off), sever.

What is synonyms for merge?

verb. mix together different elements. synonyms: blend, coalesce, combine, commingle, conflate, flux, fuse, immix, meld, mix.

How do you add synonyms?

  1. add.
  2. annex.
  3. append.
  4. bind.
  5. fasten.
  6. glue.
  7. hitch on.
  8. join.

What do appended meaning?

To append means to add on, usually to the end of something. You might want to append a clause onto a contract if you feel something has been left unsaid in it. You’ve probably seen the word append before, at least as part of another word: appendix.

What does it mean to be appended?

Definition of append

transitive verb. 1 : attach, affix appended a diagram to the instructions. 2 : to add as a supplement or appendix (as in a book) notes appended to each chapter.

How do you use appended in a sentence?

Lamb’s signature, Lepus, is appended to all that are here included. A complete list of the changes made is appended at the end of the file. As such, they may not be included but be appended to the traditional text. It was appended to a weighty rod of brass, and the whole hissed as it swung through the air.

What does it mean to append a file?

Appending a File refers to a process that involves adding new data elements to an existing database. An example of a common file append (or data append) would be the enhancement of a company’s customer files. Companies often collect basic information on their clients such as phone numbers, emails, or addresses.

What does append to existing mean?

(transitive) To add, as an accessory to the principal thing; to annex. notes appended to a book chapter. (computing) To write more data to the end of a pre-existing file, string, or other object.

What is meaning of kimat in English?

/kīmata/ nf. cost countable noun. The cost of something is the amount of money needed to buy, do, or make it.

Where is kimat?

It lies in the Chamoli District of Uttarakhand.

What Chashma called in English?

Someone’s spectacles are their glasses. …a pair of spectacles.

What is kimati?

/kīmatī/ costly adjective. Something that is costly is very expensive.

What is the English meaning of Nazar?

/nazara/ nf. gaze countable noun. You can talk about someone’s gaze as a way of describing how they are looking at something, especially when they are looking steadily at it.

What is the meaning of ADI in English?

acceptable daily intake in British English.

What is the meaning of ADI?

The Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) is defined as an estimate of the amount of a food additive, expressed on a bodyweight basis that can be ingested on a daily basis over a lifetime without appreciable risk to health.

What is Adis English?

Meaning of AIDS in English

abbreviation for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome: a serious disease caused by a virus that destroys the body’s natural protection from infection: Don had full-blown AIDS for over a year before he died. people living with AIDS. Compare. HIV.

What is spelling of ADI?

Adi or Aadi (आदि) is also a male Tamil or Sanskrit given name, which means “first”and “superior”. It can also be a short form of Adrian, Aditya, Adriana and Adolf, and is also used as a surname.

Which god name is Adi?

Āḍi (Sanskrit: आडि) is an Asura in Hindu faith who appears in the Matsya Purāṇa. He was a powerful demon like his father Andhaka. His brother was Vaka.


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