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Oracle Goldengate Skip Transaction? Best 245 Answer

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GoldenGate Performance Troubleshooting Part 1

GoldenGate Performance Troubleshooting Part 1
GoldenGate Performance Troubleshooting Part 1

What is difference between classic and integrated GoldenGate?

The main difference between the classic capture and integrated capture modes is that in the classic capture the extract reads the Oracle database online redo log files/archive log files to capture changes while in the integrated capture mode the database log mining server reads the redo log files and captures changes …

What is the difference between classical Replicat and integrated Replicat?

We know that Classic Replicat directly connects to the target database via OCI (Oracle Call Interface) and delivers the SQL transactions. However, Integrated Replicat process only reads the GoldenGate trail files, constructs logical change records (LCR), and then delivers the LCRs to the Inbound Server.

What is integrated capture in GoldenGate?

In integrated capture mode, the Oracle GoldenGate Extract process interacts directly with a database logmining server to receive data changes in the form of logical change records (LCR).

How do I know if a Extract is classic or integrated?


Using the above command, you can clearly see if the extract is Integrated or Classic. You can see below, in integrated extract it will be displayed as Oracle Integrated Redo Logs, whereas in classic mode it will be normal Oracle Redo Logs.

How do I downgrade integrated Replicat to Classic?

Downgrade the Extract (or) Capture from Integrated mode to…
  1. Stop the Extract process. GGSCI> STOP EXTRACT.
  2. Issue the following command to determine whether the downgrade command can be issued. …
  3. Downgrade the Extract process. …
  4. Unregister the Extract process from the Database. …
  5. Start the Extract process.

How do I skip a transaction on Golden Gate?

In order to skip the transactions in goldengate in such scenario, the following methods can be used. Usually and generally replicat process will be in abended state when conflict arises.

Common cases of conflicts can be,
  1. No data found (ora-1403)
  2. Unique constraint errors.
  3. primary key violations.

How do I cancel my GoldenGate process?

14.1 Stopping Processes
  1. Log on as the system administrator or as a user with permission to issue Oracle GoldenGate commands and delete files and directories from the operating system.
  2. Run GGSCI from the Oracle GoldenGate directory.
  3. Stop all Oracle GoldenGate processes. STOP ER *

How do you start Golden Gate replication?

Steps to Set up Oracle GoldenGate Replication
  1. Step 1: Log in and Enable Log Mode.
  2. Step 2: Creating User & Granting Permissions.
  3. Step 3: Installing Oracle GoldenGate & Granting Permissions.
  4. Step 4: Creating GoldenGate Tablespace & using Interpreter.
  5. Step 5: Extracting the File.
  6. Step 6: Setting Target & Configuring.

What is Trail file in GoldenGate?

A trail is a series of files on disk where Oracle GoldenGate stores the captured changes temporarily to support the continuous extraction and replication of database changes You can use trails to monitor path, tune networks, and data input and output..

How do you force quit a GoldenGate Replicat?

OGG-15163 Force Stop Extract or Replicat
  1. OGG-15163. When we tried to stop a GoldenGate service process, we may see OGG-15163 to alert us that the process is unstoppable. …
  2. Lagged Extract. …
  3. Check EXTRACT Log (Report) …
  4. Stop EXTRACT. …
  6. Start EXTRACT. …
  7. Send FORCESTOP.

How can I improve my GoldenGate performance?

Performance Tuning Tips for GoldenGate
  1. 1) Have a very clear definition of Baseline. …
  2. 2) Think “Parallel” …
  3. 3) Study and Optimize Online Redo Logs. …
  4. 4) Understand the data in tables carefully. …
  5. 5) Avoid Contention at Trail file level. …
  6. 6) Verify if Network is your culprit.

How can the Golden Gate performance be improved?

Things We Know
  1. Use table level filters to extract required tables.
  2. Use column level filters to extract required columns.
  3. Run extract and replicat in Integrated mode if DBs are Oracle.
  4. Perform data filter at pump level so less data is sent over the network.
  5. Perform data conversion on the replicat side.

How do I stop my GoldenGate from lagging?

Use the following techniques to tune GoldenGate in general:
  1. Use multiple process groups.
  2. Split large tables into row ranges across process groups.
  3. Configure GoldenGate to use the network efficiently.
  4. Eliminate disk I/O bottlenecks.
  5. Manage virtual memory and paging.
  6. Optimize data filtering and conversion.

How do I know if GoldenGate is lagging?

To view lag statistics, use either the LAG or SEND command in GGSCI. For more information, see Oracle GoldenGate Commands. Note: The INFO command also returns a lag statistic, but this statistic is taken from the last record that was checkpointed, not the current record that is being processed.

How do I monitor my GoldenGate process?

To see and analyse the processing information, use GGSCI. The following are the commands to see the process information: The command INFO {EXTRACT│REPLICAT} group [DETAIL] shows us: execute status, control points, approximate delay and environmental information. INFO MANAGER shows us: execute status and port number.

How do I stop my GoldenGate from replicating?

STOP REPLICAT group_name [!] The name of a Replicat group or a wildcard (*) to specify multiple groups. For example, T* stops all Replicat groups whose names begin with T. (Exclamation point) Stops Replicat immediately.

How do I stop Golden Gate replication?

If you wish to disable DDL replication in goldengate, then you need to run few scripts from GG_HOME. SQL> @ddl_remove. sql DDL replication removal script. WARNING: this script removes all DDL replication objects and data.

How do you stop replicating?

Use KILL REPLICAT to kill a Replicat process. Killing a process leaves the most recent checkpoint in place, and the current transaction is rolled back by the database, guaranteeing that no data is lost when the process is restarted. The Manager process will not attempt to restart a killed Replicat process.

How do I delete a replicate in GG?

  1. Log into the database by using the DBLOGIN command. DBLOGIN enables DELETE REPLICAT to delete the checkpoints from the checkpoint table of a non-integrated Replicat or to delete the inbound server that an integrated Replicat uses. For more information, see “DBLOGIN”.

How do I check my GoldenGate replication status?

To see and analyse the processing information, use GGSCI. The following are the commands to see the process information: The command INFO {EXTRACT│REPLICAT} group [DETAIL] shows us: execute status, control points, approximate delay and environmental information. INFO MANAGER shows us: execute status and port number.

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