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Roam Daily Notes Template? All Answers

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How to Use DAILY NOTES in Roam Research for Beginners

How to Use DAILY NOTES in Roam Research for Beginners
How to Use DAILY NOTES in Roam Research for Beginners

How do you use roam research templates?

After creating the template, you can use it on any page. Simple type two semicolons (;;) and a fuzzy search will come up, like how typing double brackets will show up a drop-down menu for pages. Type in the template trigger, press enter, and Roam will duplicate the content of your template.

How to use Roam Research template?

How to use templates in Roam Research [roam/templates]]
  1. What could you create templates for? …
  2. Select your trigger, press enter, and voila! …
  3. Just fill the template as you would any other blocks in Roam. …
  4. You’re done with the basics of using templates in Roam!

How do I start roam research?

Just sign up at with your email address. You will then be asked to create a database. Mine is called “nesslabs” after my company but you can call yours whatever you want. I’ve seen quite a few people use their Twitter handle as the name of their database.

What is roam research used for?

Roam Research is a note-taking application with a twist. Unlike Evernote, Roam allows you to connect up notes using something called “networked thought” — which essentially produces relationships between notes you’ve created.

What is roam note?

A note-taking tool for networked thought. As easy to use as a document. As powerful as a graph database. Roam helps you organize your research for the long haul. Sign Up.

What is roam note-taking?

Bi-directional linking

Roam is all about building connections within your notes. Each time you link to an existing topic or theme, Roam creates a bi-directional link between your current page and the mentioned page. If you link to a new topic, Roam automatically creates a new page for you.

What do you use roam for?

You can use Roam Research to keep track of the conversations, topics, and next steps in your relationships with people. Roam makes it very easy by allowing you to tag blocks with the names of specific people, which will create a dedicated page for each person.

Is Roam Research free?

Pricing in Roam Research

Let’s get this out of the way: Roam is really expensive. There is no free version of Roam, and pricing begins at $15/month for the “Pro” version. If you decide to pay yearly it’s $165, and there is a “Believer” plan that is $500 for 5 years.

Is Obsidian better than roam?

The biggest difference between the two is what they’re designed to optimize for. Using Notion as a benchmark for optimization, Notion optimizes for curation and organization, while Roam optimizes for creation and ideation. Obsidian is in that sweet spot in the middle.

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